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‘Democracy dies in dankness’ according to Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. has a grave caution for our nation's democracy: be careful for dankness. 

The president's oldest son attacked the clicking on Thursday, venting concerning the protection of the Nunes Memo, a Republican-written report alleging that the FBI abused its surveillance of the Trump marketing campaign in 2016. The White House has been pushing for its free up, however the FBI vehemently objected on account of the memo's conceivable factual inaccuracies.

NBC's Andrea Mitchell tweeted, "How will they [the White House] justify releasing this memo?" 

Trump Jr. responded again criticized the media, pronouncing, "Apparently the press only likes their information 'leaked' from unverified sources rather than released openly from congress."

Then he referenced the Washington Post's motto. Kind of. 

"I feel it is going to be tricky for them to promote their 'democracy dies in dankness' byline with this sort of common sense," he tweeted. 

Which were given some nice responses.

Someone even wrote a poem about it, whole with weed-induced discourse about Plato and Roanoke. 

Trump Jr. can have been mentioning the Washington Post's reputable Reddit account, whose tongue in cheek motto is "Democracy Dies in Dankness."

Gene Park, who runs the Washington Post's Reddit account, used to be lovely dissatisfied that his motto's credit score goes to somebody else. 

This may well be a possibility for the Washington Post to rebrand once more. 

Trump Jr.'s dank tweet remains to be up on the time of writing. 

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